Carolyn Warrington Liverpool

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Greetings! My name is Carolyn Warrington and I work at HGS in Liverpool, NS. I initially joined HGS as a Team Lead until an internal promotion drew me into the Human Resources field as a Recruiter. I recently celebrated my 9th Anniversary with HGS and for me it was a time to reflect on the reasons I enjoy my job and recommend it as a good opportunity to the people I meet. I value the professional development I’ve received not only through external courses but from many of the capable and knowledgeable leaders in the company. Anyone who works full-time knows how important it is to be surrounded by people you trust and respect. At HGS Liverpool I have a rewarding career with colleagues I can rely on that make coming to work an enjoyable experience. HGS is a company that mirrors my passion for fund-raising and charitable donations. I’m proud of the fact that we put the focus on our people and demonstrate that every day through the many recognition programs for our employees. We have a bi-annual bonus, achievement rewards and a President’s Cup that you need to ask me about! Benefits, an EAP and guaranteed full-time hours are offered to all that work here. It’s easy to apply, just create a profile and upload your resume at, or connect with us on Facebook – HGSCanadaInc.