Darcie Stephens Belleville

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Hi there. My name is Darcie Stephens and I am a Recruiter for HGS Belleville. I have been with HGS since October 2012 and have been very lucky to work in a few different departments within the organization. I started as a Customer Relations Associate and then advanced to the Designate Hospitality Support Specialist. From there, I was offered the position of Recruiter. I have lived in Belleville all my life and have seen many changes over the years. I am proud to work with a company that has been able to provide so many full-time positions to the community. If you would like to find out more about the careers we offer at HGS please contact me or just drop in for an informal chat. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with a progressive company where employees leave at the end of their working day knowing they are appreciated. I look forward to you becoming a part of our amazing team!!